Exploring Antique and Vintage Rugs

Interior design is my guilty pleasure. It’s not something I admit to having any skill in, but I love the endless number of ways people create spaces that evoke certain feelings or moods, that represent their conceptions of beauty, whimsy, or mystery, and that make a place feel like home. Maybe it’s also because my partner and… Continue reading Exploring Antique and Vintage Rugs

The Teak Before the Storm

Most people, when they heard Winter Storm Jonas was coming, wisely stockpiled basic food supplies, water, batteries, matches, toilet paper, and such. While we managed to gather a few necessities (Sam Adams Cabin Pack, dog food, and ingredients for sweet and savory crepes), the bulk of our stockpile came in the form of Danish teak.… Continue reading The Teak Before the Storm

How to Refinish a Vintage Teak Dining Table

Once Upon a Vintage Dining Table… Prior to our cross-country move from Arizona to Virginia this summer, we dined on a modest table (built by my dear husband) that seated only 4. It suited us perfectly, but it didn’t leave much room for friends and family. After moving in to our new home, we united in the… Continue reading How to Refinish a Vintage Teak Dining Table

Adventures in Teak Restoration

Spent a little time walking my lion around Old Town this week. No big deal. I’m much too grown up (on the outside, at least) for trick-or-treating, but we discovered that police block off about six blocks of a street in our neighborhood, and it turns into a family-friendly trick-or-treat-free-for-all! Armed with a big bowl… Continue reading Adventures in Teak Restoration

I Dreamed It — On Craigs List

Today, I want to talk about Craigs List. Why? Because we just moved across the country. And we all know that moves pretty much begin and end with Craigs List.  In July, we left a trail of dust and a fiery sunset in our rearview mirror, heading east from Arizona, then north, so that we could live in the… Continue reading I Dreamed It — On Craigs List

DWR’s American Modern Bed: Our DIY Project

Welcome to our (thrifty and awesome) DIY bed project. Our goal: to create a version of this $3,000 bed that is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound, and most importantly, way… way cheaper. When we married 12 years ago and blended our furniture, the queen bedroom set (formerly my parents’) bestowed unto me in 8th grade trumped… Continue reading DWR’s American Modern Bed: Our DIY Project

Casa McGregor is Ready for Renters

***AVAILABLE SPRING 2015*** Gather around the above-ground fire pit with friends in the winter months, enjoying breathtaking views of a star-studded sky… and splash around the pool (or cannonball from the rock waterfall) in the summertime: this mid-century modern inspired home is perfect for relaxing and entertaining in both the fully enclosed front and back yards! Located… Continue reading Casa McGregor is Ready for Renters